Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Morning Keynotes

Another good round of keynote speeches this morning.

Girish Pancha, EVP of Products gave us an overview of the Informatica roadmap for the future, covering two new projects that go into the 2008+ timeframe: DaVinci and Galileo. I'll cover more on these later when I can post up some pictures, but DaVinci is focused around enabling business analysts and the design/specifications phase of the data integration project lifecycle. Imagine a consistent mechanism that can be used to define data integration needs at a business level, incorporating on-the-fly data profiling/discover/cleansing; and being able to use those to generate actual data integration processes, in a traceable way, that can be deployed onto the PowerCenter platform. Galileo is all about architecture, specifically the trend toward data services in a service oriented architecture. Galileo gives architects the ability to specify service levels, deployment environments (e.g. SQL or webservices) latency requirements, security needs and drive those down into how the services being specified and build are deployed into the environment. Maybe a bit grandiose and high level for some practitioners, but exciting stuff!

In addition, we had Gary Beach, Group Publisher of CIO magazine, give an insightful (if somewhat dry, perhaps) interview with three CIO's live on stage.


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