Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Session Highlights (3 of 3) - Miscellaneous

I didn't attend a specific session during the third breakout window today, so I'll just give you a laundry list of other sessions that I picked out handouts from and found interesting -- not to imply that any particular session wouldn't have been interesting, I just can't be 7 places at once and don't want to highlight everything. You can see a list of all the sessions on Informatica's website.

Best Practices: Data Administration and Quality
Dan Linstedt had a record-breaking (based on my complete lack of data) audience for his session on error tracking and reporting, data quality management, and accountability best practices.

Service-Oriented Data Integration Architecture
SOA, ESB, EAI, ETL, EII... I'm so glad we've got a new acronym that only has two letters: DI. Still, I think the SOA approach to architecture definition is a very powerful idea right now. The challenge, I'm sure, for most organizations is taking those ideas and finding the right way and right time to start implementing them.

Achieving High Availability in a Server Grid
Another fun idea that I'm really curious about right now. One of the things that you hear about organizations doing with their data warehouse is making a mission critical application - part of the core business, fed in real-time. Well, if the technology that you're using to feed a high-availability, real-time platform isn't also high-availability... that doesn't really work, does it? The whole integration chain has to be high-availability to achieve real-time high-availability out the front end.


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