Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Session Highlights (1 of 3) - Real-Time Informatica

Obviously I can't attend all the breakout sessions myself, but I'll give you a highlight of the sessions that I attended and a little bit about some of the one's I wish I could have attended also.

Session 1: Real-Time Informatica - Case Studies
As you might expect, the whole notion of real-time (or right-time) data integration is one of the challenges that DI professionals struggle with. Most DI folks come from a batch background, be it via an ETL platform or mainframe unloads or bulk SQL execution. From all ETL vendor's perspective, DI is an extension of Data Warehousing, and Data Warehousing definitely started with batch jobs: monthly summaries done after the books were closed to provide fast access to summary-level results. So, here we are, ETL professionals extending into more generalized Data Integration along with a business drive for faster answers to those questions. One of the things I commented on during the TDWI session yesterday was that business users are now looking to have answers "before the numbers are ready." For certain kinds of applications you might estimate a billing amount just so you can get the answer before the order goes through an actual bi-weekly billing cycle.

Real-time Informatica is all about access to other application interfaces in a trickle-feed / stream / real-time / event-based / message-oriented way. MQ Series, Tibco, JMS, WebServices. One of the things I'm really interested in is looking at the PowerCenter platform as a place to host back-end web services. That seems like a powerful way to achieve reusability not just within the PowerCenter platform, but out to any other application that you're building. I find it encouraging to know that there are customers out there taking advantage of not only connectors to real-time sources like MQ, but also who are serving up DI logic as a callable web service that will execute business logic embedded in a transformation on a row-by-row, call-by-call basis.

Not cutting edge anymore.


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