Monday, May 22, 2006


Welcome to my Informatica World 2006 blog! I decided to keep a journal of my comings and goings at this year's Informatica World user conference to help connect those people who can't attend the conference with the value that comes out of it. If you're a general Informatica developer or someone interested in purchasing Informatica software or already a user group member who couldn't attend this year, I hope you'll find the content that I post to be valuable. Maybe even good ammunition to use in convincing your management to send you next year. If you're not here (or are here, for that matter) and want to hear about something specific, post a comment and I'll try to put up a post about it.

As for me... I'm just another Informatica user and advocate. I happen to be the co-chair of the St. Louis Informatica User Group, which means that I got the opportunity to come out to San Francisco early this year for the user group leadership summit (look for the next post). I work as a data warehousing and integration engineer at Express Scripts, Inc -- no, not as in "scripting language." We're a major pharmaceutical benefit management and mail order pharmacy company. Meaning that, like so many companies, we have lots of great data warehousing and data integration opportunities.

So, throughout the week, look for daily posts about the various sessions and workshops and activities that I get the opportunity to attend!


  • Excellent idea! I hope that you let the convention organizers know about this.

    By Blogger Sarahlynn, at 9:40 PM  

  • Paul, Thanks for "blogging" your experience at the conference. Looking forward to continued posts of conference highlights. :-)

    By Anonymous Mark Dieckmeyer, at 6:25 AM  

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